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SY 041 P

Master alloy for 9, 10 and 14K yellow gold casting. Hamilton yellow shade.

SY 041 A NS

Master alloy for 14K yellow gold mechanical works. Hamilton yellow shade, high ammount of grain refiners ensures a low “orange skin” defect

SAG 19 C

Master alloy for silver purity 800-925-950 casting. Medium amount of deoxidizing elements. Especially suggested in case of stone setting.


Master alloy for 18K Red gold universal application. Medium amount of grain refiners, that reduces the brittleness of 18K red gold

SW 451 R

Master alloy for 9, 10, 14 and 18K White gold mechanical works. Designed to produce easy-bending wires.

WTB 255 C

Master alloy for 14 and 18K White gold casting. Very good white grade. Rhodium plating not needed in 14K